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First puzzle: solved.



Our first public Puzzle Hunt was a grand success! Many thanks to all who joined us.

Our Puzzle Hunts are scavenger hunt-like races, in which your team searches for clues, completes challenges, and solves many types of puzzles. The first team to solve the necessary puzzles and complete the Final Challenge is the winner! Be prepared--this is not your average scavenger hunt. You may need to use your wits, all five of your senses, and the darkest, deepest depths of your knowledge to win. A puzzle hunt is like a box of chocolates. You NEVER know what you're going to get. Except chocolate. Probably.


Fun Faction's two-hour Trivia Fun Night includes six rounds of independently-written questions--not just great trivia, but also puzzles, handouts, and audio questions. We specialize in balanced rounds that are engaging for all types of players. Prizes are available for winning of course, but also for mini-contests and for just being funny! Our weekly trivia is on hiatus, but we’d be glad to personalize a trivia night for your organization or event.

Who's got two thumbs and the best trivia night in town?


Solve these tribonds. 

Within each number, the three words all have something in common. Name it! For example, with “Potato, Tiger, Hurricane” the answer would be “they all have eyes!” Another example: “Time, Pants, Head”, the answer would be “Hammer” (Hammertime, Hammer pants, Hammerhead.) 

1. Pepper, House, Sleep
2. Angel, Hospital, Sports Bar
3. Ultimate, Knife, Ding

The largest quiz event ever was held in what country, according to the Guinness Book of World Records?

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